Problems compiling (linking) cvs

Omar Siam simar at
Wed Mar 31 17:18:49 GMT 1999

Please look at the attachment (no virus, something wrong with mozilla
4.51 can't cut and paste)

Thats what I get when I try to compile the cvs and I tried several
Did I miss(configure) something ? Is this a samba-function ? Did you
dear samba team forget something ?
I'd like to test the latest samba prealpha but as you see it does'nt

My linux box is a tuned S.u.S.E Linux with home made glibc 2.0.6 and
kernel 2.2.4 and does'nt work too well at all.

In general I'd like to thank the samba team for this great peace of
software btw I don't want to try a Microsoft prealpha. An older cvs
works very well for me.
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smbd/password.o: In function `check_user_equiv':
smbd/password.o(.text+0x16d8): undefined reference to `yp_get_default_domain'
lib/username.o: In function `user_in_netgroup_list':
lib/username.o(.text+0x4f6): undefined reference to `yp_get_default_domain'
lib/access.o: In function `string_match':
lib/access.o(.text+0x10e): undefined reference to `yp_get_default_domain'

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