simple config request: samba PDC w/ NT4SP3 clients

Alan Laird laird at
Wed Mar 31 01:55:38 GMT 1999


I am a bit confused as to the right way to configure the current tree to
support what I want to do.  

1) Use NIS+ database for user authentication
2) Map a directory upon logon.

My environment is such that I do not have control of the nis+ server to go
changing passwords via samba.  I have read ENCRYPTION.txt and understand
that both auth schemes are one way and so cannot be used to auth each
other.  This indicates to me that I need to set "encrypt passwords = no"
to use the nis+ database.

Unfortunately, when I set "encrypt passwords = no", nt4sp3 systems cannot
join the domain.  If I set "encrypt passwords = yes" then the machine can
join but I am back into the divergent auth problem.

I am assuming that I need to run samba as PDC (there are no domains here)
to get a client to run a logon script to mount their home directory.  

Is there any way around this problem?  


Alan Laird

Alan Laird	
alan at

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