FreeBSD and windows98

Wiktor kaczor at
Fri Mar 26 15:33:07 GMT 1999

I've got problem with making my samba-2.0.3 Primary Domain Controler for
my workgruop. When I try to log to Domain server (my samba) windows 98
tells me that argument is invalid, or sometimes that server is
unreachable. But when I log oridinary, my server is visible. 

I tried to use samba 2.1, but when i tried to run it looked for PDC SID,
and then quit with error free().

My another problem is, that copying reach speed about 200kb/s on 10Mbit
bandwidth. Is it maximum speed, or can i reach higher, giving more cache?

How much aproximetly I should have share_mem... Now highest use is about

	Wiktor Niesiobedzki

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