NT Domain AND cleartext passwords on same server

David Edwards dpe at clark.net
Thu Mar 25 17:29:25 GMT 1999

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Jason F. N. Coffer wrote:
> Is there a way for a samba server to have dual functionality --
> authenticating workstations via encrypted passwords while allowing user
> logins (from the same workstations) via cleartext passwords?  My reading of
> the mailing list archives indicate that this currently isn't possible,
> hopefully I am wrong.
> Could a feature like this be implemented in a future release?

I'd like to see this functionality, too... Right now, I'm trying to
integrate our UNIX side (uses NIS+ for authentication) with our NT side
(just a bunch of stand-alone NT boxes on the network) by setting up a
Samba PDC. Obviously, with encrypted user passwords, I can't use NIS+
to authenticate users. Or am I missing something really, really important?
The users use both UNIX and NT, and I need for passwords to remain
sync'ed, regardless of where they're changed. 

(I realize a kludge can be worked up to change the password files of
each to update both password files every time the password changes, but
frankly, I'd prefer just authenticating directly to NIS+ and avoiding
the whole headache.)
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