Cannot change passwords from NT in 2.0.3

Nicholas Waltham nick at
Tue Mar 23 18:46:47 GMT 1999

Hi There,
 I am using Samba 2.0.3 as a primary domain controller. I have set unix sync
to on, and its working fine when I change the password from a Windows 95
machine. However when I try and change from a Windows NT SP4 machine (hanv't
tried other SPs) The chat script fails after the second password is entered
saying that the program died while waiting for the answer. Is Windows NT
sending some junk on the end of the password buffer which Samba is not
stripping off before sending to my password change program? Or what could it
be?. I am running Samba on Intel Red Hat Linux 5.2

Thanks in advance,
Nicholas Waltham

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