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Colovic Igor cigor at EUnet.yu
Tue Mar 23 18:25:10 GMT 1999

>Hi there,
>i got a problem with roaming profiles.
>When I log on to ´Doze NT´ I got the profile that is on the server.
>But anybody else got the default user profile from the NT workstation.
>Copying the server-profile in the logon-directory is not the right way,
>I think, because it dosn´t work.
>Thank you for help

Cord are you talking about Default User in netlogon share.
If you are then for now (using samba 2.0.3) it is not possible.

When you copy Default User profile to server not only you have to set unix
premission but you have to
set NT premision on ntuser.dat.

How do you do it. Using regedt32.exe you have to set that
Everybody have access to hive.
Hive is the name for ntuser.dat.
I supouse that Microsoft set this so that you can set what users get Server
Default User.
This premission is set in side of ntuser.dat and when NT try to get it it
first check for
this internal premission.

You can try to manualy edit this, but I do not know where this information
is set.
If I found out I will let you know.

For this to be set samba have to give you list of domain users witch is not
posible with samba 2.0.3
I must add that only once I was able to get list of users wint this wersion
of samba, and I do not know what heppend.

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