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Olivier Roy De Rives oroy at
Thu Mar 18 21:38:28 GMT 1999

Hi bunch!
Got a rather peculiar behavior from my Wincenter servers after upgrading the 
Samba server to 2.0.3.
It seems that the servers are "connecting" very slow to the Samba shares since 
the upgrade. Any account not mapping to our Unix box via Samba is working fine.
Here is the smb.conf I have:

   dead time = 5
   printing = sysv
   printcap name = /etc/samba.printcap
   load printers = yes
   log file = /opt/tools/samba/logs/log.%m
   lock directory = /opt/tools/samba/var/locks
   netbios name = GP-DRAGON
   share modes = yes
   security = domain
   os level = 0
   passwd program = /usr/local/bin/expasswd %u
   encrypt passwords = yes
   workgroup = ISIS-D
   domain logons = no
   password server = GP-DNT1 GP-DNT2
   server string = Samba-2.0.3
   smbpasswd file = /opt/tools/samba/private/smbpasswd
   preferred master = no
   domain master = no
   local master = no

No errors in any of the logs indicate problems... any suggestions?

Olivier  Roy De Rives
NT/UNIX Sys. Admin.
Great-West Life & Annuity
Denver, CO
Fax: 689-4850

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