Domain logon problems with 10.Mar.99 CVS source

Stefan Walter walter at
Wed Mar 10 20:38:50 GMT 1999

> check for a crash further up in the log file.

I couldn't find anything that looked like a crash in the log files of 
smbd and nmbd. I only found 

  [1999/03/10 18:19:57, 3] smbd/server.c:exit_server(431)
    Server exit (normal exit)

at the very end of the failed logon attempt, after the invalid pipe
error. Any hint for a keyword to look out for in the log files? 
I can attempt another logon with debug level 99 tomorrow to get some
more output. If you like to, I can make the whole logfile available
to you.

- Stefan

Stefan Walter - SysAdmin at D-INFK (StabSoft), ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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