Domain logon problems with 10.Mar.99 CVS source

Urs Steiner urs at
Wed Mar 10 19:08:23 GMT 1999

hi Stefan
nice to see you use samba at the ETHZ :)

>I have downloaded the current NT Domain Controller source today. I
>managed to get it to work as a PDC according to the NTDOM FAQ and could
>join a NT4 workstation with SP4 to the domain of the Samba PDC.
>However when I try to log on to the domain as a user I get a dialog
>containing this message:
>  The system cannot log you on to this domain because the system's computer
>  account in its primary domain is missing or the password on that account
>  is incorrect.

did you a smbpasswd -a -m machinename?
you should have a line in your smbpasswd file like this:
C:[W          ]:LCT-362C56A8:

where noway is the name of your workstation ...
(there should also be a "user" noway$ in your /etc/passwd because otherwise
you can't smbpasswd -a -m machinename ...)


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