Basic question about Samba PDC

Greg Dickie greg at
Fri Mar 5 16:05:40 GMT 1999

The SID file will be <machine name>.SID if it is not a PDC, otherwise it will
be called <domain name>.SID.  

I'm confused about what exactly you want, do you have an NT PDC running already?


On 05-Mar-99 Freddie Ng wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am sorry if this is a FAQ, but I definitely need to work this out as 
> soon as possible. 
> Here's the situation.  I want my NT box to join a Samba domain.  I have 
> followed the steps in the document "FAQ for Samba NTDOM PDC Support" 
> found in the Samba website.  According to this document, a file name 
> private/SAMBA.SID will be created after starting smbd.  However, no such 
> file was created.  What did I do wrong?
> Also, when I tried switching from Workgroup to Domain on my NT box, the 
> computer gives me the error message "You already have a connection to 
> the domain.  You must disconnect before joining the domain."
> I have read about how to configure the file smb.conf to make Samba a 
> PDC.  I think the problem isn't coming from misconfiguring this file.
> Thanks a lot in advance.  Any help or suggestion would be appreciated!
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