Group bug in Samba (CVS 1999/03/03)

Brian Powell bpowell at
Wed Mar 3 20:09:39 GMT 1999

Could there be a bug in the way Samba handles UNIX groups as NT domain
groups?  let me explain what is happening...

All of these file snippets are from our Solaris 2.6 Samba PDC machine
running Samba code CVS'd on 1999/02/19.  This PDC machine is also an
NIS master for our NIS domain.  The source for group handling
(source/groupdb) does not seem to have changed since then...

In our smb.conf file:
     domain group map  = /usr/local/samba/private/domgroups

In the "domgroups" file:
     ntadmin="Domain Admins"
     ntusers="Domain Users"

Now, when more than one user is ever added to the "ntadmin" or
"ntusers" groups (in the /etc/group file), samba fails to authenticate
anyone into the domain.  For instance, this works just fine in


But this breaks Samba:


I first noticed this when trying to make the log file lines of the

	trust account orion$ should be in DOMAIN_GROUP_RID_USERS

go away.  When I actually added these machines to the /etc/group file
in the "ntusers" line, it broke samba so I had to remove them and live
with these messages filling my log files.

Is this a samba problem or something I'm doing wrong?

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