smbpasswd & NIS

Adam Williams awilliam at
Wed Mar 3 17:40:34 GMT 1999

> i tried again and it failed. Every user and ID was OK but the smb password
> fields are
> !
> I think this means:
>>  None of this users have the permission to logon!?
>> Then I had a look at the script.
> This script puts direct the smb password fields to the XXX'es above. So it
> could not run in this way. Do you ever have your script? Would you send it to
> me please?

This is exactly what the script is supposed to do.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to convert
unix-crypts to nt-crypts, or vice versa.  Both use a one way crypt function.
 You must start with a clear text password,  the script simply set up the file
to support updating your passwords.  Run clear text, have everyone change there
passwords, then switch to encrypted passwords.

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