smbpasswd & NIS

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at
Wed Mar 3 20:09:27 GMT 1999

> i tried again and it failed. Every user and ID was OK but the smb password
> fields are
> !
> I think this means:
>  None of this users have the permission to logon!?
> Then I had a look at the script.
> This script puts direct the smb password fields to the XXX'es above. So it
> could not run in this way. Do you ever have your script? Would you send it to
> me please? DOES NOT create the samba encrypted password. it is NOT
possible to convert a unix hashed password into a  Lanman one, as it is a
ONE WAY hash function.  You can use "unix passwd sync" to update the
passwords until the smbpassword file has the encrypted passwords, and then
turn "unix passwd sync" off to use encrypted passwords.

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