nfs server <-> samba <-> nt server 4.0 / ISS 4.0

Patrick Barmentlo pbm at
Wed Mar 3 13:13:44 GMT 1999

Hai , 

I m looking for some people who have experience with the <see subject>

I have is running.. but having trouble with multiple virutal servers
running under iss, with different user id's...

Hope someone out therre can help me a bit...

thanks in advance..

Patrick Barmentlo

(small config discribtion)

have a samba server. (2.02) on freebsd box 3.0 acting like a gateway to the
nfs server..
samba is an nt member. so authentication goes true the nt pdc.., which
hosts the virtual web sites.
(have already one running oke.. even with front page extensies )
make a new virtual server. with different user id.. (is a domain member)
also know as same user (id etc.) at the samba box..
then trouble starts...


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