NT-Samba Backups

Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Thu Jul 29 17:51:09 GMT 1999

Mike Westkamper schrieb:

> We use Seagate Tape Backup Exec on NT 4.0 sp4. It recognizes and will
> backup network volumes. It will only backup that which is has visibility
> to. I cannot reliably detect some in-use files either. It will do a pretty
> good job as long as the files are not in contention.

Problem is only, when you  have symlinks on your samba share ... esp.
recursive ... :)
IIRC that was one of the reasons, why we switched to a multi-platform backup
(arkeia, www.arkeia.com can backup nt, novell, linux, bsd, ... and can have
tape drive in any
of these ... really nice programm)

Samba NT-Domain howto (in german)

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