Samba and UNIX permissions

Larry McElderry larry at
Thu Jul 29 18:24:56 GMT 1999

The delete readonly parameter is supposed to allow/prevent users from
deleting files to which they only have read access.  However,  consider this
-rw-rw-r--   1 root     dpdev           6 Jul 29 10:08 xx.txt

Joe logs in through samba PDC and is not a member group dpdev.  Goes to the
share containing this file and deletes it from Windows Explorer.

Now root's all PO'd because Joe deleted his file.  I realize this is the
default behavior for Linux (which does not particularly endear me to Linux),
but shouldn't setting the delete readonly = false prevent this?  Setting
permissions to 464 does prevent deletion,  but has the nasty side effect of
not allowing and Windows user to change the file.  Using group permissions
this used to work in Samba  -  what happened?

Larry McElderry
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