Printing problems with NT Workstation clients

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Thu Jul 29 09:22:53 GMT 1999


> I saw this discussed on this list last March - Samba (main tree) can't
> support the RAW printer data and requires installing a real driver on the
> client system. Works great for Win9x, requires user permissions for NT W/S
> that users may lack.  As of late March, I understand the necessary RPC
> code was almost ready to be inserted into the development tree.  Has this
> happened yet?  Are there any workarounds, other than granting the
> necessary rights to install the drivers and having them declared in the
> share entry on the samba server?

You will probably not get the EMF printer driver functionality for
quite a while, because that would involve emulating the complete GDI
within Samba. You will always have to install the printer driver on
the workstation.

> 3) syncing accounts on samba with NT domain or eliminate need for accounts
> To support print services, we don't need user accounts on the samba
> server.  But it looks like we'll need them to allow users to manage their
> own print queues (am I correct?) so we need a way to sync user ids between
> the NT domain and samba.  Or eliminate the need to keep user accounts for
> printing (but still retain print queue management).

I do not think that you need user accounts on the Samba print server,
except for possible access control. If you have REALLY public printing
service, simply say security=share, encrypt passwords=yes and
public=yes in the printer share definition. You should then add a unix
user that can manage the print queue, and say force user=<user> in the
printer share. This way you have a completely public yet fully
functional printer server. You certainly lose the ability to restrict
access. No need to add users to unix.


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