Printing problems with NT Workstation clients

Stephan Greene sgreene at
Thu Jul 29 11:48:56 GMT 1999

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Volker Lendecke wrote:

> > I saw this discussed on this list last March - Samba (main tree) can't
> > support the RAW printer data and requires installing a real driver on the
> > client system. Works great for Win9x, requires user permissions for NT W/S
> > that users may lack.  As of late March, I understand the necessary RPC
> > code was almost ready to be inserted into the development tree.  Has this
> > happened yet?  Are there any workarounds, other than granting the
> > necessary rights to install the drivers and having them declared in the
> > share entry on the samba server?
> You will probably not get the EMF printer driver functionality for
> quite a while, because that would involve emulating the complete GDI
> within Samba. You will always have to install the printer driver on
> the workstation.

I'm confused here (probably becuase I haven't worked enough with the NT
side of things to be up on terminology).  

Is "EMF printer driver functionality" the same as the default (?) behavior
with NT clients and NT server?  e.g., the user wishes to add a network
printer; they select the one they want and the printer automagically
appears in their list of available printers.

If so, then what was meant by the references in the thread last March re:
a "RAW" printer data and RPC calls?

Thank you to everyone who has responded - I'm strongly encouraging the
folks who want to deploy this to go to 2.0.5a and work from there.


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