Help! I can't print!

Aaron Rainwater aar at
Tue Jul 27 15:06:06 GMT 1999

I realized I can't print to the printers
shared by my 2.1.0-prealpha Samba server.
I get messages like "Out of memory", "Check
to make sure the printer is connected", and
"Bad Handle".

The printer areas of my smb.conf all follow
this configuration:

comment = 8.5 x 11 letter-size single-sided
printer driver = Apple LaserWriter Pro 600
path = /tmp
read only = true
printable = true
public = true
guest account = %U

I tried finding a reference to a samba error
in the log files, but I found nothing to
do with any print services (I grep'd for
"lw", "print", and "administrator" & "root"
[the user name I was printing under]).

Using 2.0.4b, I get this in my log file:

log_administrator.smb:  shark (
	connect to service lw as user administrator
	(uid=802, gid=60) (pid 16552)
So, it works with the older code.  I tried
looking through the archives for references to
this problem, but came up with what looks like
unrelated stuff.  Can anyone help?

Aaron Rainwater
CADC Intern

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