Netlogon troubleshooting with 2 Samba servers

MANEL Rodero (LCFIB Systems Programmer) manel at
Fri Jul 23 18:29:05 GMT 1999


	we have some problems with our configuration for 2 Samba Servers 
(one of them is a PDC and the other is a domain member).

	The configuration is like this:

** SERVER1 (PDC) **

  workgroup             = MYDOMAIN
  netbios name          = SERVER1
  security              = DOMAIN
  encrypt passwords     = Yes
  domain logons         = Yes
  wins support          = Yes

** SERVER 2 (domain member) **

  workgroup             = MYDOMAIN
  netbios name          = SERVER2
  security              = DOMAIN
  encrypt passwords     = Yes
  domain logons         = Yes
  password server       = SERVER1

Then, If we try to login in MYDOMAIN from a Windows 95/98 workstation, 
the logon process start.

	Our LOGON.BAT (in SERVER2) have the following:

        NET USE H: \\SERVER2\B 

Note: with MSNET32.DLL we have forced the logon server to SERVER2 for 
domain MYDOMAIN using this registry key:


The logon is ok, the user has mapped the drives G: and H: to the right 
\\SERVER2 BUT THE PROBLEM is that we have a connection to 

What's happened? Why this connection is made? Why the connection isn't 

Any idea? 

PS: Any of you know what's the process for a Windows logon? i.e. from 
where the "logon.bat" is loaded?

Many thanks!


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