Multiple Domains Attachments

Kenneth MacDonald kenny at
Fri Jul 23 16:35:21 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Hourihane <alanh at> writes:

    Alan> If someone who has multiple domain entries on the logon
    Alan> screen can check the registry entry...


    Alan> and look at CachePrimaryDomain and DefaultDomainName to see
    Alan> if you have a list of names ?

    Alan> If you do - how do I specify multiple entries ?

We have lots of domains here, and I've only ever seen one listed at a
time in each of these values.

    Alan> Both of the above keys just have a single domain name entry.

The CachePrimaryDomain value seems to be the domain where the machine
account lives, and the DefaultDomainName is simply the one that
appears by default in the drop down list on the logon box.  They're
always different on our setup, since we have separate resource and
user domain types.

That's all I know about it anyway.


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