Password change from NT apparently solved

Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel pafessel at
Tue Jul 20 10:54:46 GMT 1999

	Hi, guys.

	I've found a way (at least in RedHat) to bypass the normal password chat
sequence. I've done this using a RedHat utility called chpasswd. According
to the man page:

       chpasswd - update password file in batch

       chpasswd [-e]

       chpasswd reads a file of user name and password pairs from standard
       input and uses this information  to  update  a  group  of  existing
       users.  Without  the  -e  switch,  the passwords are expected to be
       cleartext. With the -e switch, the passwords are expected to be  in
       encrypted form.  Each line is of the format


       The named user must exist.  The supplied password will be encrypted
       as necessary, and the password age updated, if present.

       This command is intended to be used in a large  system  environment
       where many accounts are created at a single time.

       The  input  file must be protected if it contains unencrypted pass-

       passwd(1), useradd(8), newusers(8)

       Julianne Frances Haugh (jfh at


	I've used for "passwd program" the following line:

	/bin/echo %u:%n | /usr/sbin/chpasswd

and for "password chat", I've just used ".". Seems to work to me. For the
first time, I've been able to change my NT password without problems! I'd
like you that have RH to test this workaround to see if it works in

	Paulo Fessel
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