Head branch without encrypted passwords

Matthew Keller kellermg at potsdam.edu
Sun Jul 11 03:01:38 GMT 1999

David Krovich wrote:
>         ok, I did a little more debugging.  I even loaded a Redhat 6.0 Intel
> Linux system to make sure it wasn't some weird Solaris or NIS+ thing.
> The synopsis is, NT 4.0 w/ Service Pack 3 can't connect to HEAD branch
> unless encrypted passwords are enabled.  Windows 98 seems to work fine
> connecting to the head branch with plain text passwords.

>From ENCRYPTION.TXT that has come with Samba since version 2.0.3 (at
"Note that Windows NT 4.0 Service pack 3 changed the default for
permissible authentication so that plaintext passwords are *never*
sent over the wire."


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