size and number of smbd processes

Michael Glauche mg at
Thu Jul 1 12:06:28 GMT 1999

Mattias Laage schrieb:
> Hi all
> we've got about 60 NT-PCs running and connecting to a
> samba fileserver. This server is a HP-Workstation (HPUX)
> It seams that each connecting PC creates a separate
> smbd process with the size of around 1700 KB.
> That is with 60 processes ....
> Is that the normal behaviour (on other platforms too)
> or is there some switch ?

1 process per machine is correct. The size may differ from
platform and compiler switches used. I don't know the samba
internals too much, but I think you cannot calculate 60x1700 = space
used by samba (correct me if I'm wrong) because of the shared
librarys and calls to fork() (which uses the same code segment, and 
only creates a new data segment)


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