size and number of smbd processes

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Jul 1 12:37:32 GMT 1999

Michael Glauche wrote:
> but I think you cannot calculate 60x1700 = space
> used by samba (correct me if I'm wrong) because 
> of the shared librarys and calls to fork() (which 
> uses the same code segment, and only creates a 
> new data segment)

Normally what I use in memory calcuations is the working 
set of the process.  This is available from many tools 
including top, qps, and others.

As an aside, I'm curious.  Could people forward me 
the following info?

	* Samba version your running
	* the total allocated memory per 
	    smbd process on average
	* the working set of memory for 
	    each smbd on average

The reason I ask is because this seems to vary drastically
between platforms.  The report here was for ~1.7Mb per smbd.
Luke has mentioned before a number of 600 - 800K for the 
working set.  However, on Solaris 2.6, I daily see
2.5Mb for the working set for each smbd using 2.0.3.

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