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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Jan 26 22:43:19 GMT 1999

Matthew Geier wrote:
>  As of a week ago - if I ran cacls.exe , I get lass.exe crashing and
> the system is 'dead'.


>  BTW - does any one have any good references on how 
> make Netscape behave on a 'secured' NT workstationa and 
> keep its user profile on a network drive ?.

Very simple.  I'm attaching a perl5 script that will 
create the registry entry given a username to point to 

Then start netscape with -P"%USERNAME%"

You can do the same type of thing with INF files.  This 
does require that the user have write access to

>  Im 3 weeks from going live with a 15 NT wks student lab 
> served from a 2.1alpha server. 

Been there done that.  Good luck! :)

>  My aim of course is not to allow the students to do 
> any thing at all to the workstatiosn :-), 

And their aim is to break in to your servers and do 
what they want :)

> the local 
> ACL stuff (other than protection) and using usermgr 
> and friends is all not needed to keep students under 
> control.

That and a horse whip..

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