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Rupert Weber-Henschel rw at times-square.net
Wed Jan 27 07:45:02 GMT 1999

Matthew Geier wrote:
>  BTW - does any one have any good references on how make Netscape behave
> on a 'secured' NT workstationa and keep its user profile on a network
> drive ?.

As many have pointed out, storing the Netscape profile on the user's
homedrive does the trick.
Well, at least for Netscape 4.08.  
I haven't been able to get this to work with 4.5. Netscape's Profile
manager keeps coming up.

As to the cache, I set the disk cache size to 0 and rely on squid only
for caching. No point in everybody having his/her own little cache.

Sorry for more off-topic stuff, it seems we should be opening a
browser-prefs-on-secured-NT-stations mailing list ;)


Rupert Weber-Henschel

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