NIS Development

Scott Ruffner jpr9c at
Tue Jan 26 14:22:31 GMT 1999

Hi Adam,

This is just what I was looking for...mail from Luke suggested that
development was still needed on NIS+, and I need NIS+ functionality (we
use Solaris 2.6, and need the NIS/NIS+ compatibility for some other old
Sun boxes).  I got ahold of some FreeBSD source for NIS+ (flatbush?) and
am using that as a starting point.  I was hoping only to have to modify
the rpc.nispasswdd so as to include the smbpasswd code, perhaps turned
on with a command-line switch or something.  

I would prefer not to send plain text if possible.  I wonder what you
think of inserting smbpasswd code into passwd (nispasswd, yppasswd) on
the client side of things, and then just modifying this so that the new
smbpasswd entries get put into an NIS+ smbpasswd table?  Set up both
passwd and rpc.nispasswdd so they optionally will update such a table. 
Any thoughts?  

And finally, may I have a look at your code?


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