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Mon Jan 25 20:50:21 GMT 1999


I developed a system to do (sort of) what you're looking for at our site;
it's at (mchp stands for
meta-change password).  In addition, it enforces a separate, mail-only
password for our users so they can read mail from non-secure connections.
Let me know if it's helpful, at least as a starting point.

Andy Perrin

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Scott Ruffner wrote:

> Hello All,
> A while back there were a few messages on the list about NIS-Samba
> related development.  I'm interested in getting involved in this, or
> getting some suggestions if somebody's already come up with a solution.
> My goal is to get our unix and NT password databases at least consistent
> (if not consolidated), without user intervention (ie, without users
> remembering to change their passwords on both systems). I'd like to set
> up all of our Samba Servers as Domain Controllers, and shut off the NT
> servers.  I'd planned on making our NIS master the PDC as well, which
> would have solved the problem by using one passwd file.  However, we
> also use encrypted passwords now, and that sticks me with two files.  
> I'm not terribly worried about NT users, since smbpasswd on the PDC will
> also take care of modifying /etc/passwd, and I expect it's no big deal
> to replace smbpasswd with a little shell wrapper to also push the new
> passwd map.  However, going the other way does not appear to be so
> simple.  It seems that ideally one would want to modify the yppasswdd so
> that it also updates smbpasswd, and in the event samba users aren't
> running NTDOM, pushes the new smbpasswd map.  
> I'd love to do a little hacking on this, but I don't know if there's
> already something out there, or an existing development branch for
> this.  If nobody's working on this, then any suggestions, wisdom, input,
> etc. would be most welcome; especially if I'm a knucklehead and missing
> a really obvious and easy way of doing this.
> Scott
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