Shares not accessible?

Juergen Bock jrb at
Thu Jan 14 12:28:08 GMT 1999

Hi there,

I can't connect to shares from machines in our samba-domain (with 
today's cvs code). I can logon to those machines though.

The shares on machines that joined the domain are not accessible 
from either machines inside or outside the domain. The error 
messages are "\\pc is not accessible. The server service is not 
started" in Netneighborhood; smbclient tells me this:
Domain=[FD] OS=[Windows NT 4.0] Server=[NT LAN Manager 4.0]
tree connect failed: ERRSRV - ERRbaduid (The UID is not known as a valid ID on this session.)

Any clues? Hopefully it's not a faq...


Here is the setup:
Linux 2.2.0-pre4 with today's cvs
NT4 SP3 client (german)
NT4 SP4 client (german)


# Global parameters
        workgroup = FD
        netbios name = MIAMI
        netbios aliases = Samba-PDC
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        null passwords = Yes
        log level = 20
        log file = /home/samba.neu/var/log.%m
        local group map = /home/samba.neu/private/
        domain group map = /home/samba.neu/private/
        logon path = \\%N\profiles\%U
        domain logons = Yes
        domain master = Yes
        dns proxy = No
        wins server =
        admin users = jrb

        read only = No

        path = /home/samba.neu/netlogon

        path = /home/samba.neu
        guest account = 
        valid users = jrb, administrator
        write list = jrb, administrator
        read only = No

        comment = User Profiles
        path = /home/samba.neu/profiles/%U
        guest account = 
        read only = No
        create mask = 0700
        root preexec = /home/samba.neu/bin/buildprofile %U %G

Juergen Bock			jrb at
FLUENT Deutschland GmbH 	Hindenburgstrasse 36
D-64295 Darmstadt		+49-(0)6151-3644-26

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