Win98 and profiles

Bavo De Ridder bavo at
Thu Jan 14 18:36:36 GMT 1999


I am completely new to samba, so flame if necessary.

I have a Samba 1.9.18p10 on RedHat 5.2, I configured the smb.conf file
according to the doc-files so that my Linux box would be a PDC (sort of).
Loging in from the Win98 using my Linux box works. However, the roaming
profiles seems to be completely ignored. I managed to read that creation of
roaming profiles is only supported for WinNT, so I created them manually, but
even then they are completely ignored.

What is going wrong?

I have included a copy of my smb.conf file.

Oh, yes, the documentation says I need a CONFIG.POL. I haven't got access to a
Win NT server machine, so how can I get this file ?

Since I am going to use Samba a lot in the next few weeks/months, ... is it
worth buying the book "Samba, Integrating Unix and Windows"?

Bavo De Ridder

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