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Fri Feb 26 17:23:26 GMT 1999

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> the example that john gave me was if you want to move files 
> from one domain to another.  you make a local group the owner 
> of the files (or something) and then you make a domain 
> group a member of the local group. when you move the 
> files to another domain you can still access the files,
> and you make the _new_ domain a member of the local group 
> in order for the new domain users to access it.
> if you make a domain group the owner of the files and 
> you remove the domain controller you can no longer access 
> those files (unknown SID/rid).
> the arrangement above makes sure that you can access 
> files in the absence of the domain controller.

Sure. That makes sense.  I gues I'm trying to figure out 
how this fits in with a Samba PDC.  Need to go read some
more before I say anything else.

Off to get more coffee. :)

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