Samba Serving two domains/workgroups...

John Burton j.c.burton at
Thu Feb 25 18:21:52 GMT 1999

  Hopefully someone can answer my question here...I have Samba 2.0.2
running on a Linux box on a Class C network. The Linux box has two
interfaces on that network (using IP Aliasing). Samba responds properly
on both interfaces. I have it reading a different "included" config file
depending upon which interface the request comes in on. Looking from the
Windows I can "see" both "machines", but they are both in the same
workgroup / domain. What I would *like* to do is have have one
interface/name appear in one workgroup, and the other interface/name
appear in the other workgroup/domain. I've tried the obvious of defining
the workgroup name in the included config file, but it didn't work...
Suggestions? Thoughts? Has anyone done this sort of thing before?


PS. I'd also like both interfaces to act as a logon server / PDC for its
particular domain, with its own seperate smbpasswd file...

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