Update suggestion for Samba NT Domain FAQ

Bill Nugent whn at topelo.lopi.com
Mon Feb 22 23:50:19 GMT 1999

On Monday, Feb 22 1999 at 12:31:43, Pedro Miguel Frazao Fernandes 
Ferreira wrot

>> 2.6.  My Roaming Profiles are not updating!
>> o Make sure the Directory Replicator Service is running and setup on
>>   the NT Workstation:  Go to each workstation, Control Panel,
>>   Services, set Directory Replicator Service to Automatic and start it
>>   running.  Go to the Control Panel, Server, Replication, enable
>>   Import Directories, add the Samba PDC.
>	Wait. I think this is in order to use policies (.pol files with
>registry settings which are loaded by W95, NT wkst, W98 machines).
>policy files != roaming profiles. I believe the question to this should
>	My domain member computers are not reading the policy file from the
>server. (Or something like this).


This was my experience but please keep in mind that I've only been doing
NT for a few weeks other than an occasional use of Word, pulling long hours
to get this working and I could be confused! 8*)  I'm only an egg.

I had a computer in a domain.  I could logon both locally (e.g.,
Domain: wk1) or on the domain (e.g., Domain: Samba).  The local login
would use roaming profile - the domain login did not.  Once I turned
on the Directory Replicator Service roaming profiles worked for the
domain logins as well.

I'll try to verify this behavior in the next few days but then again
maybe I'm confused.


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