Samba PDC and Windows NT

John Williams williamj at
Mon Feb 22 12:34:24 GMT 1999

I am running samba 2.0.2 on Linux 2.0.36 and trying to get it to be a PDC,
the server is called gnats and the domain REDHAT.  There are no other
systems in the domain.  I went through the setup and initially everything
worked fine.  I added a workstation called treacle, got the welcome message
and could login with a UNIX username.  (After the usual reboots of course.)

Howvever after a few minutes I could no longer login and got an error
message that the REDHAT domain was not available.  Running tcpdump I could
only see two problems:
a warning about snap length too short
Dialect Error! ASCIIZ of type 0 (safety=9) (repeated with different safety

Looked at with smbclient from another system the workstation treacle was
the domain master browser.
Any help as to what may be happening would be very welcome.  BTW there have
been reports from users of systems suddenly moving workgroups for no
obvious reason and workgroups appearing and disappearing.
>Script started on Mon Feb 22 12:04:27 1999
>[ ~]\> smbclient -L gnats -U root
>Domain=[REDHAT] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.0.2]
>Server=[GNATS] User=[root] Workgroup=[REDHAT] Domain=[REDHAT]
>This machine has a workgroup list:
>	Workgroup            Master
>	---------            -------
>	ABS                  ABS1079
>	REDHAT               TREACLE
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