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Pedro Miguel Frazao Fernandes Ferreira pfrazao at
Mon Feb 22 12:18:55 GMT 1999

Bill Nugent wrote:
> Howdy,
> There were two responses to the MarcVJ's question and I'm trying
> understand this since I bumped into this today.  Doing only 3a below
> didn't fix it for me which is what I tried on my own.
> So the summary as I understand it is:
> 1. Control Panel/Services - set Directory Replicator Service to Automatic.
> 2. Control Panel/Server - under Replications, enable Import Directories.
>    It looks a bit more complicated this - need to tell it a local
>    directory (default okay?) and add the samba server - is this correct?
>    Tomorrow morning I'll be trying out these steps but I don't have email
>    there so I'd like to avoid any potential problems)
        In my setup and based on what I could read from help files,
directory is ok and you do not need to add a samba server or domain name
if your NT workstation is properly setup as a member of a domain which
as a valid PDC (samba is great as PDC). If this is true the NT wkst
will, by default, download the policy file from its domain PDC. It
worked just fine for me.

> 3a. On a global basis create the ntconfig.pol and place it in [netlogon]
>     share as as outline by Pedro (below).  All the NT Workstations will
>     then properly use the Roaming Profiles

        Correction here: All the NT workstations will then properly use
policy file. Remember that this was to enable policies. Using policies
you can configure some things about roaming profiles. See the difference
? Policies are more/different than roaming profiles.

> or
> 3b. On a host by host basis I can follow Colovic's advice (further below)
>     and edit the registry and under "Local Computer" enable
>     "Delete Cachedg Roaming Profile" (or some such but I get the
>     drift - IMHO the policy editor holds your hand a bit better and makes
>     it easier).
> Corrections are encouraged!
>         Bill
> On Friday, Feb 19 1999 at 23:40:19, Pedro Miguel Frazao Fernandes
> Ferreira wrot
> >*e:
> >       Yes, it is possible. Use the system policies editor (NT software),
> >create a new policy. There is a setting in Default Computer or Default
> >User which allows you to enable deletion of cached copies of roaming
> >profiles. Save the policy file with the name ntconfig.pol and place it
> >in your [netlogon] share. Go to the workstations, Control Panel,
> >Services and start the Directory Replicator Service. Don't forget to set
> >it for Automatic startup. Go to Control Panel (you should be there),
> >Server and under Replication, enable Import Directories. Et voila, this
> >should do it.
> >       Probably there should be a registry key that you could simply modify,
> >without the need for these policies stuff. I dont know which key. Maybe
> >you will find these policies usefull for other purposes, but have some
> >caution with some settings (you can get a lot of headaches with this
> >thing).
> On Saturday, Feb 20 1999 at 08:19:50, "Colovic Igor" wrote:
> >Yes it is posible. YOu do not have to create NTconfig.pol.
> >You have to select open registry from first menu.
> >Then under Local computer on the same location you can enagle Delete
> chached
> >Roaming profiles.
> >This will do the trick.
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