Domain Logons and Win98

Nicholas Humfrey njh1 at
Mon Feb 22 13:35:34 GMT 1999

I am trying to setup a Computer Classroom, using Win98 PCs and a central
Linux server & Samba 2.02. There are no Win NT machines on the network at
the moment, so for simplicity I am using plain text passwords rather than

I think I have traced the problem down to the passwords being put into
Uppercase by the Win 98 machines and then not matching correctly on the
server. (I successfully logged on when I changed my password on the server
to capitals).

I tried turning of Network logons and just connecting to the Samba server
manually. In this case it accepted my partially lower case password.

Is this something Win98 does to Domain logon passwords ? Would it help to
turn on encrypted passwords ? Can I turn this feature off in the registry ?


Nicholas Humfrey
Madras College

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