Samba PDC and Windows NT

Bill Nugent whn at
Mon Feb 22 23:58:40 GMT 1999


Sounds like smb.conf is not quite right.  It would be helpful to see your 
smb.conf file but try this first:

  local master = yes
  os level = 65
  domain master = yes
  preferred master = yes

If I understand things this should rig the election in Samba's favor.


On Tuesday, Feb 23 1999 at 03:45:52, John Williams wrote:

>I am running samba 2.0.2 on Linux 2.0.36 and trying to get it to be a 
>the server is called gnats and the domain REDHAT.  There are no other
>systems in the domain.  I went through the setup and initially everything
>worked fine.  I added a workstation called treacle, got the welcome 
>and could login with a UNIX username.  (After the usual reboots of 
>Howvever after a few minutes I could no longer login and got an error
>message that the REDHAT domain was not available.  Running tcpdump I 
>only see two problems:
>a warning about snap length too short
>Dialect Error! ASCIIZ of type 0 (safety=9) (repeated with different 
>Looked at with smbclient from another system the workstation treacle was
>the domain master browser.
>Any help as to what may be happening would be very welcome.  BTW there 
>been reports from users of systems suddenly moving workgroups for no
>obvious reason and workgroups appearing and disappearing.
>>Script started on Mon Feb 22 12:04:27 1999
>>[ ~]\> smbclient -L gnats -U root
>>Domain=[REDHAT] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.0.2]
>>Server=[GNATS] User=[root] Workgroup=[REDHAT] Domain=[REDHAT]
>>This machine has a workgroup list:
>>	Workgroup            Master
>>	---------            -------
>>	ABS                  ABS1079
>>	REDHAT               TREACLE
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