Summary of Re: how to save win profiles only on server?

Bill Nugent whn at
Sat Feb 20 01:20:49 GMT 1999


There were two responses to the MarcVJ's question and I'm trying 
understand this since I bumped into this today.  Doing only 3a below 
didn't fix it for me which is what I tried on my own.

So the summary as I understand it is:

1. Control Panel/Services - set Directory Replicator Service to Automatic.
2. Control Panel/Server - under Replications, enable Import Directories.
   It looks a bit more complicated this - need to tell it a local
   directory (default okay?) and add the samba server - is this correct?
   Tomorrow morning I'll be trying out these steps but I don't have email
   there so I'd like to avoid any potential problems)

3a. On a global basis create the ntconfig.pol and place it in [netlogon]
    share as as outline by Pedro (below).  All the NT Workstations will
    then properly use the Roaming Profiles


3b. On a host by host basis I can follow Colovic's advice (further below)
    and edit the registry and under "Local Computer" enable
    "Delete Cachedg Roaming Profile" (or some such but I get the
    drift - IMHO the policy editor holds your hand a bit better and makes
    it easier).

Corrections are encouraged!


On Friday, Feb 19 1999 at 23:40:19, Pedro Miguel Frazao Fernandes 
Ferreira wrot

>	Yes, it is possible. Use the system policies editor (NT software),
>create a new policy. There is a setting in Default Computer or Default
>User which allows you to enable deletion of cached copies of roaming
>profiles. Save the policy file with the name ntconfig.pol and place it
>in your [netlogon] share. Go to the workstations, Control Panel,
>Services and start the Directory Replicator Service. Don't forget to set
>it for Automatic startup. Go to Control Panel (you should be there),
>Server and under Replication, enable Import Directories. Et voila, this
>should do it.
>	Probably there should be a registry key that you could simply modify,
>without the need for these policies stuff. I dont know which key. Maybe
>you will find these policies usefull for other purposes, but have some
>caution with some settings (you can get a lot of headaches with this

On Saturday, Feb 20 1999 at 08:19:50, "Colovic Igor" wrote:

>Yes it is posible. YOu do not have to create NTconfig.pol.
>You have to select open registry from first menu.
>Then under Local computer on the same location you can enagle Delete 
>Roaming profiles.
>This will do the trick.

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