Roaming profiles not being updated

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at
Tue Feb 16 16:51:56 GMT 1999

> Unfortunately it doesn't work in NT because of permission problems -- the
> standard 'users' group doesn't have permission to change the system time,
> so putting net time /set /yes in the logon batch file just generates a
> 'permission denied' message.  (I leave it there anyway so the time gets
> set whenever an administrator logs in.)  If anybody has advice on how to
> grant this privilege to users *without* editing 100 registries by hand,
> I'd be interested.

I also beleive there was a "network time" client program for NT (there
might be a free one on, or that would talk to
an ntp time server (redhat 5.2 comes with xntpd, which is easy to get

first, sync the times, and see if this makes the profile problem go away
before going thru the trouble...

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