Multiple Uses & Groups in Domain

Rob Holley robh at
Sat Feb 13 21:05:24 GMT 1999

Hello All,

Perhaps someone can shed some light on my problem.
I have a Sparc5 running CVS of a few days ago. Functioning as
a PDC with roaming profiles, group map... "staff" to "Domain
Admins", "users" to "Domain Users". Workstations are NT4.0 SP3. 
I have added "DOMAIN\Domain Admins" to the local Administrator
group and all works well, whenever Domain Admins logon they have
the permissions of the local Admin, Domain Users have local user
permissions. But, I have noticed as I try to set local permissions
on the NTFS, Adding will bring up the DOMAIN list of groups and
users with duplicate names... I am starting to notice multiple
copies of usernames and Domain groups?

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