Roaming profiles not being updated

Bill Nugent whn at
Sat Feb 13 01:54:15 GMT 1999


Your problem sounds like it is different than one I bumped into but it 
was caused by "writable = yes" missing in the Profiles section of the 
example smb.conf file in the RedHat 5.2 binary rpm distribution.


On Saturday, Feb 13 1999 at 09:25:03, "Eloy A. Paris" wrote:

>I have a problem since a little while ago (can't remember when I
>started see it).
>My roaming profiles get updated only during the first login but after
>that I need to reboot my NT workstation and login again to have them
>updated. After I reboot and login again NT prints a mesage saying that
>"your local profile is newer than the one stored in the server, do you
>want to use the local profile instead of the remote?"
>This is Samba 2.0.2 and NT workstation 4SP4.
>Any help will be appreciated.

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