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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Feb 11 21:46:09 GMT 1999

Matthew Geier wrote:
>  Does samba support the 'no allow user to change password' flag yet ?.
>  I have a 'public' lab - hopefully I can set an empty password so people
> can just type <enter> and get access. I want the machines to login and
> map drives as a 'dummy' user. I DONT want some wally changing the password
> on the dummy account.
>  My attempts so far with this have resulted in a machine that auto
> logins as a local user to the workstation. Unfortunaly, I now cant
> undo it again - tweekui doesnt have the 'network' tab unless you are
> admin, and an ordinary user cant edit the registry. (Ive gone and
> set the entire file system to Read for everybody....)
>  Any one know of an 'su' type command for NT, before I re-install
> this workstation ?.

net use \\workstation\ipc$ /user:localAdmin

then run regedt32 and connect to the remote machine 
registry to remove the AutoLogon key.

BTW...There is a SU service provided with the NT 4 
Resource Kit Supplement 2

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