network neighborhood problems

Aaron Dougherty chicken at
Thu Feb 11 11:13:56 GMT 1999

Here's a few things that helped me, when I ran into NN problems

1) Double check the workgroup declared in smb.conf is the same as your win95
workgroup (or winNT domain)

2) Make sure nmbd is running. (I had to restart both the Unix and NT machine
before that took)

3) Make sure you have a static IP mapping of the Linux box in your Wins

Hope that helps


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From: Jan van Rensburg <jan.van.rensburg at>
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Sent: Thursday, February 11, 1999 2:18 AM
Subject: network neighborhood problems

>NN problems again. My samba 2.0.2 server running on RedHat Linux 5.2
>show up in the Network Neighborhood. When i do a find computer, i can find
>it just fine, browse the shares etc. I've searched through the list
>but don't see anything  useful. I double checked my broadcast address on
>samba box. The samba server is configured to use an nt wins server.
>from smb.conf:
>wins support = no
>wins server = (nt wins server ip)
>wins proxy = yes (should i take this out)
>another stange thing, when i run server administrator the samba machine is
>greyed out, but when i click on it i can view users, shares etc.
>any ideas? (i'm fresh out).
>--jan van rensburg

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