Michel michel at nijenrode.nl
Mon Feb 8 23:44:39 GMT 1999

Additionally, if there's *anything at all* you want to have
if everything else fails, is a logfile. To have such a a thing available,
it should be reliable. A textdump to disk is about as reliable as
you can get; introducing going through a layer like event viewer
introduces potential unreliable factors.

However, it would be nice to have such as an aditional option -
severe errors go to a file, but this and extended logging could be
redirected to other resources, perhaps through ODBC. This would
enable powerful automated escalation facilities for use in (for example)
helpdesk software or other databases.

Taking this a step further (and diverting slightly off topic), such 
an ODBC interface would also be very nifty for configuration purposes
(for example, to manage group shares and priviliges for users and
even importing/adding new users to the system userbase from a
master database that contains the staff/student records).

I reckon that stuffing (whatever) info from samba to an ODBC server
would not be that difficult, but pulling (configurational)
info from such a server into samba would pose a challenge.

Would there be others interested in such a feature?


(this should probably be on the generic list)

 Michel van der Laan	-	michel at nijenrode.nl
In your mail from 9-2-1999 you write:
> Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> > i would like to see samba capable of reporting through nt "event viewer".
> I, for one, wouldn't.  NT's Event Viewer is pure crap.  You can't sort the
> columns, nor can you search it effectively.  A text file coupled with grep ha
> served my purposes, and if you need more than that, you can parse a flat text
> file and put it into an SQL database of some sort, thereby giving you even mo
> options than NT's Event Viewer does in terms of report generation.

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