New domain/group maps and localized versions of NT?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Feb 8 01:08:22 GMT 1999


i have hard-wired the names of the local accounts.  nt doesn't actually
care aboutthe names: it only cares about the RID values.

if you want to change the names to something different then please feel
free to do so in lib/util_pwdb.c - you can select absolutely anything you
like :-) just don't change the RID values.



On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, FAUCONNET Alain wrote:

> Hello,
> I have read this in the NTDOM archives (sorry,  I  didn't  retain  the
> author's name) :
> [*** begin quote ***]
> If you're running the head cvs branch, it's another story. 
> To sum up in when the samba server is a PDC: 
> smb.conf: 
>         domain user map = /usr/local/samba/lib/ 
>         domain group map = /usr/local/samba/lib/ 
> contains the mapping between the NT users and their 
> equivalent on Unix: 
> [[root at doubleface lib]# cat 
> root administrator 
>      ^^^-> a tab or an '=' sign should work. 
> contains the mapping between the NT domain groups and the 
> Unix groups 
> [[root at doubleface lib]# cat 
> wheel "Domain Admins" 
>      ^^^-> a tab or an '=' sign should work. 
> 'wheel' must be in /etc/group. All the Unix users who are in the 'wheel' 
> unix group will be domain admins on the NT side. 
> [*** end quote ***]
> This seems to imply  that  those  file  will  determine  a  ONE-TO-ONE
> equivalence   between  the  Unix  and  NT  groups.  Unfortunately  the
> brainless  people  at  Microsoft  have  localized  the names of the NT
> groups.  For the french version for example, the "Domain Admins" group
> has  become  "Administrateurs  du domaine" or something like that (how
> about  logging into your Unix station with "racine" instead of "root" ?
> they really don't think a second  when  it  comes  to   fool  with  OS
> *constants* in the name of localization).
> I'm  still  using  the 2.0.0 production code but planning to switch to
> the HEAD branch soon, and this is a concern to me. How will the domain
> group map handle  localized  group  names ?  will  it  allow  multiple
> right-hand values ? (same goes for domain user maps)
> Greetings from Paris,
> _Alain_
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