New domain/group maps and localized versions of NT?

Christian Ambach ambach at
Mon Feb 8 13:49:16 GMT 1999

FAUCONNET Alain schrieb:

> This seems to imply  that  those  file  will  determine  a  ONE-TO-ONE
> equivalence   between  the  Unix  and  NT  groups.  Unfortunately  the
> brainless  people  at  Microsoft  have  localized  the names of the NT
> groups.  For the french version for example, the "Domain Admins" group
> has  become  "Administrateurs  du domaine" or something like that (how
> about  logging into your Unix station with "racine" instead of "root" ?
> they really don't think a second  when  it  comes  to   fool  with  OS
> *constants* in the name of localization).

My german NT WS 4.0 recognizes Domain Admins as "Domänenadministratoren"
the german term for Domain Admins.

Is it possible that NT internally uses like "group ids" and
recognizes the Domain Admin group by looking at this id, not at the name

Christian Ambach

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