problems with group relationships !!!

Christian E ce at
Fri Feb 5 18:11:41 GMT 1999

Hi, all.

	I'm currently trying to implement a samba server as a file server in my
company instead of our current NT-server. At the moment the Samba server
is not a domain controller, but it will be one day. I'm having major
problems at the moment goes:

	It seems as if the Samba- daemon only reads what group the user belongs
to when it is started/restarted. Can it really be true ??? I have made
several tests and they indicate this. IMHO the only proper way to
control access to various shares are on a per group basis, and it works
in NT. But if I remove a user from a group on the Samba-server machine,
the user can still delete/create files as if he was stil a menber of the
group until I restart Samba.
	Do I have to set up the Samba server as a PDC to solve or...???
I really hope there is a simple solution to this or otherwise I'll have
to skip implementing Samba,because this is just as bad as rebooting an
NT-server once in a while in my opinion. A server should not need to be
	Phew, that's all...hope you can help 

best regards

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