Telneting and ftping to PDC

Jean-François Jobart jfjobart at
Tue Feb 2 21:29:05 GMT 1999

yevy at wrote:
> I have setup and Linux box and my PDC for and NT4.0 SP3 workstation.  I can
> login to the domain and performance is fine.  But when I then attempt to
> telnet or ftp to the PDC it takes some 5 minutes to establish the connection.
> After the connection is establish performance is fine.

I don't know if it is a PDC problem.
> Any suggestions, clues, solutions to this problem?

Perhaps you have a IP to Name resolving problem.
Is your workstation is in DNS, /etc/hosts or NIS(+) map ?
If using DNS, have you the correct reverse mapping data in the DNS ?

Try : 
1) nslookup IP_adress_of_the_workstation
and look the time of the answer.
2) add your test workstation in /etc/hosts and try again.

Have a nice day.

Jean-François Jobart
<jfjobart at>

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