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Thu Dec 23 08:54:28 GMT 1999

Hi Pat!

> I successfully use samba as PDC ( or logon server) for my home network.
> It can now handle internal IP like 192.168.x.x and ip on the same subnet as my samba server, that is my server is 24.111.25.x and computer on 24.111.25.x can access it
> but I got a machine which has a ip 24.111.24.x and that machine is not able to join the samba domain, anyone know why?
> I think the problem is that the samba server didn't broadcast in the 24.111.24.x subnet, how can I fix this?

Would be helpfully if you would post your global section...
if you´ll support domain logons, you must have a wins server and a DMB too.
It could be look like this:
domain master = yes
local master = yes
preferred master = yes
os level = 34
wins support = yes
But be carefully! There should not exist a NT DMB in this
workgroup... domain masters don´t use a election.
On client side you must set the wins-server ip of your samba host.
In your case it should be 24.111.25.???

If you´re using win9x clients there can be strange problems...
Mostly you have to disable netbios name resolution over DNS and set the node type
to the h-node.
you can do this automatically (included wins-server editing) if you´ll saving
the following lines as a plain text-file with the file ending .reg and then start it 
un der M$ windows win9x clients...
--- start -----------------

--- stop -----------------
Please don´t forget to set the correct wins-server ip!

Normally you don´t need the ScopeID, but i´ve had several RAS-clients which
couldn´t connect correctly to the samba server if this key´s not set.
At least please check this file before starting with a windows editor like
edit, notepad... newlines under M$ are not "compatible" to often use unix style...
Windows textfile lines must end with a ^M (hope i´m not wrong). ;))

Liebe Gruesse,
Stephan Lauffer

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